Sunday 7 April 2013

Phishing made easy, way too easy...

You just have to type 'scam pages' in Google and the first result is cool.

Phishing, phishing!!
See them everywhere.. Mr. HItman is well famous for making them..

Paypal pack 'private'

Letter templates:


A simple google search...

Also, a small trick to find compromissed server used for mailing:


For the phishs, it's some lame Amazon:
kernelmode thread:


  1. Tu crois pas que tu rend la tache des script kiddies un peu plus facile de cette manière?

    Don't you think you're helping a little bit the script kiddies to find those things?

    1. Qu'est ce que tu veux que j'te dise, ça a toujours été a double tranchant.
      Va dire a un vendeur de couteau de cuisine "tu crois pas que tu facilite la tache des serial killer ?"