Saturday 6 April 2013

Elite VPN Service

Elite VPN Service is a service advertised on underground forum

Subscription list:

Subscription configuration:

VPN certs:


  1. hi mr steven that's fucking awesome , nice job man
    by the way i live in french too in haut-de-seine nanterre i hope we meet soon

  2. since when is underground forum lol

  3. Is it done by the same folks who run whoer?

    1. I'm sure not. whoer run by vpnlab.xx, admin of carding forum verified.XX, this 100% sure. (they were using same contacts before, when proxybox was posted in some blog they changed contacts)

      I don't understand why xyli write about this service, seems he just bruteforced a guy inside, true?
      Don't think he paid for this service :)

      Also xyli just as a recommendation, bruteforce of a legit service could lead you to legal issues with law, better bruteforce scammers for next time.

    2. >seems he just bruteforced a guy inside, true?
      well i've not bruteforced but yeah i got inside with an hacked account (the same account used to go inside darkode the first time)

  4. Xylibox, I really enjoy reading your blog but I don't really understand what point you're trying to make in this post?

    Being on a .us domain and being one of the only TLD that fully enforce correct registration details to an extent then I'd assume the following is genuine, or at least has some truth to it :-

    Registrant Name: James Dermount
    Registrant Organization: Security and Host Ltd
    Registrant Address1: 212 West Street
    Registrant City: New York
    Registrant State/Province: New York
    Registrant Postal Code: 10282
    Registrant Country: United States
    Registrant Country Code: US
    Registrant Phone Number: +1.2129061480
    Registrant Email:

    Sorry if I've missed the point but if you are trying to explain something further can you please enlighten me :)

  5. What a fake site, 1) if someone was stupid enough to register a .us TLD then they deserve to get caught, that domain risks being taken by law enforcement just based on it being a US domain.

    2) darkmarket the original is so widely known, by using the same name again you're going to attract attention straight from the start, who would risk that?

    Either a sting operation or some kid who really has no clue how much trouble they're going to get in.

  6. @arch1m3d3s:
    no no, Elite VPN is probably legit (at least)
    But alot of actors use this service to hide behind.
    It's like a guys who sell a knife the first usage is for food preparation but you can use it also to kill someone.

    >since when is underground forum lol
    Since you can find on it alot of actors including BestAV, many black affiliates, pharma who allow spam like mailien, etc, etc...

    >Is it done by the same folks who run whoer?
    No idea.. :/

  7. DarkMarket yes surely will attract the attention of the law, they use this name to attract new members to the forum, everyone knows what happened with that name.

  8. They also give out logs

  9. What do you use to bruteforce?

  10. Looks like Guccifer_2.0 may have used Elite-VPN