Thursday 20 December 2012

Talking to a FakeAV black processing service

Finding a payement processor for black is complicated and private kind of business because they are connected with banks and real life, in 2011 most of FakeAV program was in difficulty due to the ChronoPay story.

Good example of a know payment processor:

Used by Security Monitor 2012 and many others, landing are still in place:

Let's contact a payement guys:

First approach:
He answered that they work through lithuana bank and want 20% from revenue.
They are not connected with ChronoPay and have just finished a new project (now in test)

One week later:

I asked him about security, trustworthness of the bank, offshore account, type of payments, duration of payments, etc.
He said they can transfer money via LR, WM, Wire Transfer, cash and an offshore is needed to transfer money via wire.
He said the bank knows about malware and won't cooperate with police
He also said that i need hosting and clean domains, then he would give me all instructions to make a payment page.
I've not coded a Fake-FakeAV affiliate but that can be a future project to trap payement processors and fakeav actors.

HS: Thanks for the postcard /a/non, received everything and i still wait 25 dec to unbox the rest, meri kurisumasu to you too (´・ω・`)

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