Monday 11 July 2011

VB6 VirusTotal Mass rating tool

I got alot of requests from VirusTotal users to release the version of MAD i use (who download/upload/rate auto), but for the moment it's a personal version and even not finished (bored to code).
Anyway, i've recoded today (i've found the force, yeah) one of my used plugins as 'application'
(The part who rate automatically files on VT)

Using the HTTP Class of Thomas John (Open-Design) as usual, and the MD5 module of Marcin Kleczynski (Malwarebytes)

If you want download, here you go:

Please remember VirusTotal normal API is restricted to 20 requests of any nature in any given 5 minutes time frame.
So if you need a higher request throughput you should request a private API to VT guys.
Sample rating is done relatively fast, with this tool.
Note also the file should be already uploaded on VT, it's not an 'file uploader'.


  1. Goood job mate!!

  2. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
    I've been looking for something like this for a while now

  3. i've recoded today (i've found the force, yeah)

    Hahahahahah rofl ^^