Saturday 30 April 2011

beware of fake banking applications

Well, this is not a new threat but they update it frequently and since months now...
I've started to have a look with SpamLoco, it's alway a very realistic phishing application.

You can't close this application (use ALT+F4) and the window is alway on top.

Here it simulate an activity with the bank (in reality your entered data are sent to a pirate)

Another one (we see it much)
Window is alway on top and.. oh there is a close button !

But you can't close it, until you have sent your datas (use taskmgr for kill the process)

So, let's complete what he want with some junks

This really look legit..

The last page to complete:

A variant:

And finaly...what a surprise:

The monitored network activity after pushing the 'complete button':

"ok.html" is an error page.. alright....

They even forget to add a correct title to the page.


You can view these sites for more details:
Phishing bancario con aplicaciones falsas para Windows
Rastreando a un phisher
New Brazilian Banking Trojans Alert

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