Friday 14 February 2014

Plasma HTTP



Online bot:

offline bots:




Yeah take this lame article to second degree, i just talk about Plasma because i've promised to write something today on irc.

I'm not dead but there nothing interesting to review for the moment, only crappy bots
That also one of the reason i haven't talked of JackPos and all the rest.
I have some interesting things but it's too sensitive for the moment and when it's not the reason, it's due to people who request me to don't talk of a subject because they want to cover it 'first' for their company but who finaly write nothing, so i still wait (you know who you are)
e.g: ZeusVM, i wanted to talk about the weird version who appeared since some months now
a version who download from sites (on ssl and fastflux) a picture with a config embedded inside.. but well, fuck it now.
As i already told on a previous article, i may appear inactive but i'm not so inactive.
I've recently do this, i still continue to posts malwares, break things but without necessarily talking about it or just briefly like for jackTrash, and today: PlasmaTrash, and iTrashing.
I still continue to do trashy video, show trashy things on my hackerspace and talk about trashs on irc. (yeah that a lot of trash)
So for the moment, i just wait and see...


  1. Sharing sample is one thing, writing another just write as you please...
    after all we do it coz its fun ^^

  2. and finally if you are selling to the industry avs
    seems that your creativity is being bought, bad