Saturday 9 November 2013

Gameboy hacking

Not malware related, but i recently played with my gameboy more specifically the electronic inside. And some people on skype told me to make a post so here we go... :)
At first i've just hacked my cartridge by replacing the chip containing the rom by an eprom containing demoscene.
I've do that to do a series of videos and enjoying the GB scene on real hardware.

I've later frontlighted my gameboy:

Then do a cartridge led mod:

And finally hacked the ROM of my games due to a 'challenge'
A french guys know as furrtek have made a homebrew game and sold 80 physical cartridges, the goal was to dump the rom and remove the protections:

I've followed the step of Alex who have do an impressive work about gameboy electronics:

Desoldering the cart adaptater of one of my gameboy (and that was a very long operation....):

Building my new cartridge adapter:


it's work !

GBC shield (to avoid the wire jungle):

Some 'pirate' cartridges i've bought (commentary in french sorry):

Never thought it would be so fun to play with gameboy.


  1. Interesting stuff Steven, I'd be interested to see more like this :)

  2. Not what I usually expect from you, nevertheless it's still awesome hacking and still teaches me lots! Thanks for this other side of you I never knew! =D

  3. That's really awesome ! nice electronic/informatic skills !

  4. now please make a 3ds emulator XD