Friday 8 March 2013

Liberty Reserve phishing

Since some days i receive Liberty reserve (a Costa Rica-based payment processor) phishings, i usually don't see LR phishs.
Recevied yesterday, 13.3.7 (07/03/13)
 Leading on a legit liberty reserve payement page

And today, leading on phishing, still same sender:

The hyperlink lead to who lead on ( ~
Beware, they are not yet detected by Google Safe Browsing and shit's

Also, I currently work on a huge project who take all my attention for the moment (that the reason of my inactivity here)
i'll be back in ~1 week.


  1. Find mail from second screenshot on gmail's spam folder

  2. Please don't leave ! We will miss you !

  3. Xylitol, we want more cracking/unpacking videos! They are very instructive!

  4. yes, that is very interesting script phishing lr,