Sunday 4 November 2012

Fake French administrative documents

Fake documents are a plague in France.
On internet you can easily contact someone to make fake documents (driver license, french national id, utility bill etc...)
You can even found 'how to' if you know the good places, example here with a tutorial to make realistic fakes euro:

Making counterfeit money is a hard task especially with euro currency.
Most of French counterfeiters do fake documents instead of euro, example here, 'pUre Shop' Fake docs and even botnet installation
French National ID Scan: 15€
Physical fake: 400€
Price negotiated for custom request.

On the same underground community, 'Hacker57000' sells stolen French national ID/Driver license/Cheques/Credit cards:

Someone even sell PSD (photoshop file) of fake driving license and French National ID:

Another guys on the same forum selling fake French National ID:

But you don't have to know some underground forums to find a forger, they are everywhere even on video platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion.

5 mins after reporting videos as inappropriate, they was removed. (and a sunday, nice shot dailymotion!)

On YouTube they even explain 'how to'

I've found some PSDs used by these guys.
French driver license:

Identity card:

Electricity bill:

And more and more...

I don't really know how they operate to reproduct security elements but programs like Cerberus and REPRINTStudio can help.
GuardSoft are not involved into documents forgery and i don't want make them a bad reputation, but a bad use of their programs can probably help criminals.

'GuardSoft' was used on the past as name for a FakeAV (nothing related with the software company)

For information, making and using fake administrative documents (identity cards, certificates of nationality, passports, etc.) is punishable by five years in prison and/or a €80,000 fine in France.

And for those who still haven't seen "Encore + d'action Arnaques aux faux papiers : révélations sur un scandale" go have a look :)


  1. Bon article :)

    Dis moi Xyli, de quel manga viens l'image à la fin ?
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  2. Toaru kagaku no tailgun (mikoto misaka le personnage)

  3. Super article !

    Est ce que quelqu'un sait sur quel forum il y a le "pUre Shop"? Mezia?

  4. Est-ce qu'il y a une version en français de cet article?