Sunday 2 September 2012

Contract Killings

Have a look on the deep web they said, it will be great they said.

"$20,000, 50% before job and 50% after."
"We do not target political figures or anyone under the age of 18."
"We send you proof when the job is done."


"We are an organized criminal group"
"Payment is divided in 2 parts, advance 50% and after deal is complete 50%"


"I buy new gun for every action, stolen car/motorcycle"
"I am not part of organized criminality and I can do any job."
"Target must be older than 16."
"To eliminate some ordinary person, my price is 20 000 EUR."


Contracts killer on black market:

"Private contractor services in the United States and Canada"
"I am your own form of personal justice"
"I preform contract hits on the average civilian (any age) to even low ranking government employees: judges, attorneys, prosecutors, police, witnesses for the prosecution, etc."
"I can use several various methods of killing, whether you wish it be a suicide, accident, disapperance, overdose, torture, interrogation, setup, or if it even be faking your own death, the list goes on"
"Payment is $20,000 USD in the form of Bitcoin that is sectioned into 3 PARTS."
"Allow 4-5 weeks of waiting time for the contract to be completed. Once I have taken care of the target you will receive a photo of their corpse via online upload."


"Contract hits available anywhere in North America."
"Half of it is to be paid upfront."
"We are certain to get the job done."
"Currently, we have completed 12/12 jobs in person"
"we assure you that we complete the jobs effectively and efficiently."


"First off my set price is about 30,000 USD"
"Depending on the job the price will go up."
"Targets; it doesn't matter who or what they are. I am doing this for the money and that is all that matters."
"I will work pretty much anywhere, except in my own backyard. That means I will not do work in the country that I live in. This is for my personal safety."
"This is not a job that can be rushed, so expect anywhere from three months to a year."
"Most political and high profile jobs done by governments take years to plan."


"Some problems can't just be taken care of with a negotiation or settlement, sometimes not even through legal means."
"A professional who with more than 30 names to the job and has not yet even caused a murder inquiry to have opened by the police and special services."
"Some jobs need to be done quietly. Some need to be violent and send a message. We can cater for both."
"We don't discriminate against our targets"
"you're definitely speaking to the right people for the job:
- Insurance payouts
- Natural cause of death appearance
- Painful ends"

No idea if these guys are talking seriously but it's scary, however i still receive death threats since i started to talk about AV affiliate and i'm still alive ?


  1. Did you reported this to FBI? It is possible to unmask Tor users?

  2. They all seem to be operating under the pretext of "give me some money and trust me". I bet these are all just scams... hopefully.

  3. Most of these are probably scams/trolls, but I think it's possible one or two may be for real.

    @Anonymous FBI can't track Tor users or Tor services through conventional means, but they can still identify them through other methods.