Tuesday 6 March 2012

Plastic service and fake documents

To return a little on my previous post, plastic and fake documents are also a business.
 Example with a guys who do plastic service (he even sell embosser/shiner)

Some pictures taken by him:

A service of fake documents with hologram:

Fake passports service by "delfin"

Service for various fake documents by vengativ0 (car documents, driving license...)

Fake ID Cards service


  1. Xylibox se balade sur hacktivisme? Damnd...Tombé bien bas :>

  2. plus ou moins (j'ai un compte admin pwned) si tu regarde la screen j'peut édité le poste du mec etc...
    fin bon ya pas grand chose d'intéressant sur leur board (même en parti privé).

  3. En même temps, hacktivisme restera hacktivisme, même en parti privé ;)

  4. delfin is dolphin in Swedish

  5. Plastic service and docoments are in weak form in these days because many people are making illegals document.So we have to prevent it.

    photo id cards