Wednesday 28 March 2012

Blackhole v1.2.3

 Blackhole 1.2.3 released.

обновление до версии 1.2.3
1)файлы из архива перезалить поверх старых
2)учитывайте имя main.php если у вас он называется както по другому
3) в config.php надо поменять значение 'ExploitsDir'-вместо 'content' поставить 'data'
4) поставить на все залитые файлы и папки права на запись
5) сбрбосить всю стату
6) Вместо сплойта Java Pack теперь Java Array
7) в config.php поменять версию на 1.2.3

update to version 1.2.3
1) update files from archive
2) if you main.php have other name-rename it
3) in config.php change value of 'ExploitsDir' to 'data'(old value was 'content')
4) set write permission to all updated files
5) reset all statistics
6) Java Pack exploit now replaced by Java Array
7) in config.php change version to 1.2.3

HS: Sorry for my inactivity these days, busy in real life with job and moving to new house.


  1. Can you give me a hint where I can buy it?

  2. I'm just curious.. what do you do for living?

  3. Operator in a automobile factory, one week the night and the week after daytime, schedule is difficult.

  4. can you investigate a new sakura 1.1 with java atomic?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Observed Java Atomic-exploit in Blackhole on March 23rd, 2 days before that forumpost :o

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Sakura didn't push out a new version, they just added a new exploit.