Sunday 26 February 2012

Blackhole v1.2.2

[Updated on: 02/20/2012]
1) Java OBE + Java Rhino is now in a obedeny exploit Java Pack
2) Significantly improved otstuk through the Java hook
3) Your files are protected from AV companies pumping
4) Internal optimization of exploits

First BH 1.2.2 EK start to appear on malware tracker:
Many got troubled by the letter after /files/

ICQ conv with Paunch (Coder of Blackhole, 26 Dec 2011) about future update planed for the 1.2.2:

Blackhole landing:

Someone know also what the purpose of /content/midi2.php ?
First thought was about MS12-004 of Jan, but seem not.

Kurisu is a terrible maid, she doesn't even nyan.

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