Monday 12 December 2011

Antivirii 2011

Thanks to Remixed for the sample.
Antivirii 2011 is not a 'profesional' FakeAV.
This FakeAV was made with NRB (Napalm Rogue Builder)

Typical HF faggotry:

This FakeAV have no serial, (just one blacklisted)

The following urls was found:

According to VirusTotal this FakeAV is detected by 3 Antivirus:


  1. I started learning VB 1 week ago or so,i bet i can make a better shit than this shit,hahaha.
    Is it possible to patch it,to work with every serial?with whatever u type i mean.

  2. not possible because there is no 'good serial' feature

  3. Why the f*** did he use so many timers?