Sunday 16 October 2011

Tracking Cyber Crime: Luxury Cash (Replica Watches)

'Replica' watch spam
Spammers often send mailings inviting the recipients to purchase knockoffs ("replicas" being their preferred term) of famous name-brand high-end watches and other luxury goods (clothing, jewelry, fine pens, leather goods, etc.).

Psst, want to buy a watch?
Counterfeiting of watches and other luxury items is nothing new; it has been going on in the Far East and elswhere for many years now. What is new, however, is the very large market for such goods that has been opened up via the public internet. Simply Google-search the phrase 'replica watch' and you will find many websites that unashamedly offer such items for sale. It is much easier to sell such goods over the web than to hawk them on streetcorners or under the table in out-of-the-way retail shops.

To their credit, perhaps, most of these sites do not pretend to be offering the genuine articles, but instead clearly indicate that they are 'replicas' (an admission that they believe gets them off the hook as far as trademark-violation laws are concerned). Also, it must be conceded that the great majority of these sites do not engage in advertising-by-spam (and thus fall beyond the scope of this page). However, there are a few outfits that do use spam as their primary means of promotion.

The reason for the popularity of replica watch selling on the web (and in spam) is simple: profit. Consider a typical Swiss-made watch that might sell for thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars; a replica spammer might offer a knockoff of such a watch for $300 or less. Even at that, however, the seller is making a LOT of money, since the unit cost for such a replica might be well under $100 in bulk quantities, thanks to low-cost mass-produced components and assemblies, and (more importantly) exploitation of "sweatshop" labor.

Make no mistake, manufacturing and selling such products is very much against the law in most developed countries. This does not mean that the people who do this sort of thing are about to be carted off to jail, but it does mean that they are criminals and are therefore not worthy of trust. It should be obvious to the reader why it would be a bad idea to deal with such persons:

  • Information provided by the buyer (e.g., credit-card numbers) is susceptible to be used in identity-theft crime.
  • Since replica-spam websites change frequently, it may be impossible for a buyer to follow up on an order if he doesn't receive the goods he expected.
  • Proceeds from these sales may be used to fund other criminal activities, many far less palatable than knocking off watches.
  • Counterfeit luxury goods are subject to seizure by customs officials in your country if they are shipped from overseas.
Source: SpamCopWiki

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