Thursday 18 August 2011

FakeAV who target French people: Antivirus 2011

Antivirus 2011, is a new FakeAV, detected today by some honeypots.

Link all fake antivirus, it ask for unlock code and detects fake infections.
Using the service starpass for pay:

Even if you 'pay' this FakeAV it will continue to says serial incorrect
Your codes are just sent to the gate.

Super fake infections list:

The following URLs was identified:

Admin panels:

Who look's like the exploit kit crimepack (this is not crimepack)

And a scam for, saying your account will be removed after 24hours and your IP blocked on the Skyrock network if you don't pay by phone.

Edit 22h55: There is an activity right now on the server
The guys seem remove his files:

Interface now buggy:

server now clean:

Afraid ? :þ
If your PC is infected with Antivirus 2011 follow bleepingcomputer's removal guide.

Edit: thanks to MezmeriZe for your image, i must admit you made my day, hack the planet !

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  1. Can't stop laughing!

    Congratulations dude, keep going on because dudes like you are very useful! :)