Friday 22 July 2011

Trojan.Ransom (flash_player.exe variant)

This trojan blocker ( MD5: fc57466eeb1329c639c70b170f885e9e ) prevents all software execution.
To remove the Trojan (and unlock windows), infected users need to enter a valid serial number.
According to VirusTotal, only 3 Antivirus detect the threat:

Number to Call: 79879234829
Number to Call: 79879234311
Number to Call: 79879234298
Code to unlock Windows: 99885522


  1. Hi one of my friends has this Trojan... we unlocked the screen using the code supplied & couldn't find anything in the registry. When we restarted the laptop we now just get a blank screen, the task manager & everything else seems to be disabled. I can't use safe mode as it just blue-screens... any ideas ?

  2. if you want my opignon you should done a system restore