Thursday 7 July 2011

Cracking Playstation game ?

I've retrieved my Playstation cd case logic... with GTA2 :þ

Ah... the good old time.. would be fun to play again but i've sell the PS1...
So.. let's download an emulator, hurray the game (You just lose it) work.

And it's the drame:

There is a parental lock code on the Playstation version, and i've lost the manual...
Two mins in Google and i got it: WFUSDFCF
But wait... this is not fun to get it like this...
Let's debug that like a crackme.

The heart of the PSX is a slightly modified R3000A CPU
I'm at the step of reading R3000 docs for the moment.
Opcode, instructions set, how to use correctly the debugger etc... this stuff is not so easy to understand.
If you want have a look too, search for "Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know about the Playstation But Were Afraid to Ask." by Joshua Walker.
It's long and really informative.

Note: Rockstar have made GTA2 free, you can download the PC version here
If someone has already experienced some psx debug i need you.
No time for play, let's plunge into the R3000 abyss :)

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