Tuesday 14 June 2011

SpyEye 1.3.45

Alright, i got the version 1.3.45 of SpyEye now.
There is a difference between the1.3.41 and this one, he ask for a 'Folder name' not for the 'EXE name'  build are named like 'build___00000000.exe'

A generated build have a size like ~610Kb with Anti-Rapport, FF webinjects, Opera formgrabber, Chrome formgrabber checked and at plugins: Bilinghammer, Creditgrab, ftpbc, Socks5, USBSpread, Customconector.

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  1. ;) Very nice.

  2. Will you make the crack pub?

  3. please share

  4. i can't share i'm under strict rules about samples.

  5. filestube.com > "spyeye" > Search ... Was that so hard ?