Friday 10 June 2011

SpyEye 1.3.41

I'll don't want blog about every SpyEye version i get but finally, seem i need to do this one due to a guys know as 'Xc0d3r' or 'prowinux' on opensc.

So, for the last time ~

1.3.41 webpanel:
Version   Count (online / all)
10341   28 / 502

I have the manual and the rest too

He even don't know how to hide the debugger from VMP, pathetic.

Edit 12 Jun 2k11: I've enabled the checkbox for Anti rapport, FF webinjects, Opera formgrabber, Chrome formgrabber.

A generated build with these checked and Bilinghammer, Creditgrab, ftpbc, Socks5, USBSpread, Customconector at plugins have a size like ~610kb


  1. Hahaha what a fag this 'Xc0d3r'

  2. Epic middle finger is epic

  3. Another great release from you Xylitol.

    Love the middle finger pic.