Wednesday 11 May 2011

Hard Drive crash

Hi there, thanks all for your comments/DM on twitter/mails etc.. :)
Like i've says, i've got some hardware problem for the moment.
I can't disass your samples until I get my new stuff (tomorrow i hope..)
I'm sorry.. so here is a screenshot of SpyEye 1.3.39 (i've 'semi-cracked' it) i need to enable the FF webinject and the rest to claims i'ts really cracked, but that really boring to work with a Ubuntu live cd (need to install again all packages etc...)

I will not publish it for some obvious reasons, just a /kiss for Gribodemon ;)

Edit 11 May 2k11:

Just bought this 320Gb, my old 1Tb miss me already :)


  1. Bon rétablissement pour ton PC.
    Bien joué pour SpyEye, et pour le FF Inject, si c'est comme dans la version 1.2.99, je pense que tu n'auras aucun problème pour l'activer ;).

    Bonne change pour la suite !

  2. Goddamit you can find spyeye samples right on time
    Xylitol to Gribo: U MAD BRAH?
    Gribo: //Palmface.

  3. Xylitol to Gribo:U MAD BRAH?
    Gribo: //PALMFACE

  4. oui sa marche a merveille je pense alors bone continuation
    and if you dont understand windows nice and coool