Monday 14 February 2011

Malware Auto-downloader v1.7 Revision 3

1.7.3 Out ~
Some minor bugs fixed concerning the PHP Panel and the program himself.
MAD update page: Now generated with a random name for more security.
Admin Control Panel page: You can choose the name you want for the PHP file or generate also a random name.
Admin Control Panel page: Added a captcha to the login form (And dont worry captcha.fct.php is easy to understand if you want make it custom)

Admin Control Panel with a captcha and a random name:

PE analyze options was moved here:

I've fixed also a bug regarding the 'new malware found' part of code, I dont know why i've not see it before...
And about the uFMOD lib who make crash the program in some computer, a version without uFMOD is available if it's your case.
SourceForge ~
Stay Tuned.

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