Tuesday 25 January 2011

Windows Scan

According to S!Ri:
Windows Scan is a fake Defragmenter tool (rogue) from the same family as: Memory Optimizer, Disk Optimizer, Good Memory, Fast Disk, Disk OK, My Disk, Memory Fixer, HDD Fix, HDD Low, Scanner, Disk Repair, Defragmenter, HDD Tools, Smart HDD, HDD Rescue, HDD Plus, HDDDiagnostic, Hard Drive Diagnostic, HDD Scan, Win Defragmenter, Win Defrag, Win HDD, Check Disk, Ultra Defragger, Quick Defragmenter, HDD Defragmenter, System Defragmenter

Thank you for your purchase, Windows Scan!
Your activation code: 0973467457475070215340537432225
EDS URL: http://edsfull.com/customers/dl/Defrag.exe
Contact us through Help&Support section in the Windows Scan menu or by phone +1-877 282 0139

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