Sunday 5 December 2010

Trojan.Ransom (pornoplayer.exe)

This trojan blocker ( MD5: 99574198c64182ecd1c42bd466629ec1 ) prevents all software execution.
To remove the Trojan (and unlock windows), infected users need to enter a valid serial number.

Number to Call: 9154771955
Number to Call: 9153443682
Number to Call: 9153367209
How to unlock
First thing to type: XYLIBOX
Second: 31337
Last: 31337
The first serial to type is not really important, but the second and the last must be the same for unlock Windows plus your serial need to have 5 chars minimum in lenght and no letters, only numerics.

Run MBAM, to remove the infection.
pornoplayer.exe was also noticed here on the past (29 Nov 2k10)

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