Thursday, 21 October 2010

Xylibox Malware Challenge 2# - RogueLock

Xylibox Malware Challenge 2#:
Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows XP
Language: VB6 (Voluntarily coded in this language)

Da rulz:
1) Analyse it (How it's work?)
1) Find a way to make your system safe
2) Remove all files related to the infection

#) Reverse engineering
#) Code a tool

Mail: (For Solution Submission)
After first solutions, I will release the malware source code and your solutions.
========================================­========== ===========
*The main goal of this challenge is to give newbies a way to learn, so they need correct tutorial.
Think about this words when writing your tutor.
Explain what you did.
And this is not done by writing two lines and commenting some code parts.
Think about the informations you needed the first time when you were new to reversing.

I hope to see some innovative solutions!
Good luck & Have fun!

run it in a virtual machine or use deep freeze dont be stupid
password archive: xylitol

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